Miller Lite: Stream Hack

Miller Lite wanted to get into gaming, which meant getting onto Twitch. But if normal people don’t like ads, gamers on Twitch will SWAT you if they don’t like your ad. So, we didn’t make ads. We made fan art from their favorite games: Chicken Dinners from PubG. Flying cars from Overwatch. Towers from League of Legends. A laser engraved, hand-crafted wooden koozie mug from the online card game Hearthstone. And even a dope mini-fridge that wasn’t based on anything, but was dope. (Even if it looked like a microwave.)

Was that gibberish to you? Then, you definitely did not receive one of our custom influencer kits and hand-written letters.

At the end of the day, the gamers got it, and did exactly what we wanted them to do. They put our branded fan art in-stream, thereby putting Miller Lite ads on Twitch because they actually wanted to. Game over.

If you’re a gamer who fell for this ad, please don’t SWAT me.