The Boeing Innovation Series

Yes, that metal is actually balancing on a dandelion. Didn’t know microlattice exists? Neither did anyone else. That's what the Boeing Innovation Series is for. We mine the world's biggest aerospace company for their most cutting edge tech, then write, film, edit and produced using a mix of B-Roll and stock in under a month. It's a nerdgasm, and sometimes it's pretty fricken' cool. 

Microlattice went geek-viral with write-ups in tons of science magazines and journals. We even ended up on Adweek's Most Watched Videos of October, 2015. Some other people picked us up too: Daily MailTelegraphViceCNN Money, The Verge, Digital Trends, Fastco.

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The world's most efficient solar panels that took Juno to Jupiter. Lasers that shoot drones out of the sky. A driver built like an airplane. Flying fricken' drones with fricken' holograms. It's all here: